Politics key to end of drug menace, says Shan leader Col Yawdserk Politics key to end of drug menace, says Shan leader Wednesday, 25 March 2009 14:38 S.H.A.N. I 小額信貸n response to Bangkok’s announcement that it will launch a new round of war on drugs on 1 April, Col 房屋買賣Yawdserk, leader of the anti-Naypyitaw Shan State Army (SSA) South says the resolution of political problems is the firs 賣房子t step towards the resolution of Shan drugs.In a statement issued in Shan this morning, Yawdserk said Shan State became part of the Union 永慶房屋led by Burma through the Panglong Agreement in 1947, when total autonomy in states’ internal affairs had been guaranteed. “Opium output in Shan State 酒店經紀was kept under control before because there was peace and rule of law,” he told SHAN. “And there was peace and rule of law, because Shan State was free to manage it 關鍵字行銷s own affairs.” The drug problem in neighboring countries, on the other hand, is the aftereffect of the conflict in Burma, according to the statement. “The drug problem in Thail 租屋and will never go away unless it is first sorted out in where it originates (i.e. Burma).”  Burma, especially its biggest state: Shan, is the biggest opium producer in Southeast Asia. Show Bu 關鍵字排名siness, Rangoon’s War on Drugs in Shan State (2003) reported that opium was also grown in Kachin, Karenni (Kayah), and Chin States and Mandalay, Sagaing and Magwe divisions. Later reports also indicated that cultiva 裝潢tion has even extended into Arakan State and crossed the border into Bangladesh. http://www.shanland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2512:politics-key-to-end-of-drug-menace-says-shan-leader&catid=89:drugs&Itemid=2 澎湖民宿86  .
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